Populism and the Conundrums of Democracy in Italy

As we approach the General Elections in Italy, the possibility that either of the two populist parties will take part in the government haunts the Italian—and indeed the European—political establishment, both of which frame the election in the bogus terms of populists threatening to supplant liberal values.

Migration as Clickbait

The demonization of young migrants and their families may be shocking, but these policies and practices are neither new nor surprising.

Fat Consequences

Obesity is about more than stigma, it is about exceeding one’s social space.

Caring in Ancient Times

A new bioarchaeological approach suggests health care has a long human history.

Resisting Overdose

In Washington, DC, people who use opioids confront the epidemic and intervene to stop death.

Cultivating Vitality

Tanzanians are redefining health and the forms of governance that might be promoted in its name.