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Natalie Konopinski
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Assistant Editor
Alexandra Vieux Frankel
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Editorial Advisory Board
Jane Eva-Baxter, DePaul University
Agustín Fuentes, University of Notre Dame
Sallie Han, SUNY Oneonta
Natalie Hanson, ZS Associates
Jonathan Rosa, Stanford University
Paul Stoller, West Chester University
Gina Athena Ulysse, Wesleyan University
Bianca Williams, University of Colorado Boulder
Book Reviews/Anthropology Book Forum
Julie Hartley
Contributing Editors (AAA Committees and Sections)
Members’ Programmatic Advisory and Advocacy Committee, Mary Butler and Leila Rodriguez
Anthropology and Environment Society, Theresa Miller
Association for Black Anthropologists, Amelia Herbet and Michelle Munyikwa
Archaeology Division, Kathryn Sampeck
American Ethnological Society, Alison Hanson
Association for Feminist Anthropology, Emily de Wet and Julia Kowalski
Association for Africanist Anthropology, Christian Vannier
Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists , Aimee Villarreal
Association for Political and Legal Anthropology, Luzilda Carrillo Arciniega and Suraiya Jetha
Association for Queer Anthropology, Elijah Edelman
Association of Senior Anthropologists, Susan (Sue) Kenyon
Association for the Anthropology of Policy, Judi Pajo and Ted Powers
Biological Anthropology Section, Michela Howells
Culture and Agriculture, Ioulia Chuvileva and Meg Maurer
Council on Anthropology and Education, Cathy Amanti and Patricia Lopez
Council for Museum Anthropology, Diana Marsh
Central States Anthropological Society, Carrie Hough
Central States Anthropological Society, Cristina (Nina) Ortiz
Evolutionary Anthropology Society, Katie Starkweather and Melanie Martin
General Anthropology Division, Jennifer Cool
Middle East Section, Samee Suleiman
National Association for the Practice of Anthropology, Rachel Hall-Clifford and Briana Nichols
National Association of Student Anthropologists, Stephanie Mojica
Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, Nicole Torres
Society for the Anthropology of Community Colleges, Barbara Jones
Society for the Anthropology of Europe, Naor Ben-Yehoyada and Daniel Knight
Society for the Anthropology of North America, David Flood and Megan Raschig
Society for the Anthropology of Religion, Roberta Ricucci
Society for the Anthropology of Sciences, Toni Copeland
Society for the Anthropology of Work, Bryan Moorefield and Liza Youngling
Society for Cultural Anthropology, Kregg Hetherington
Society for Economic Anthropology, Yuson Jung
Society for East Asian Anthropology, Shuang Frost, Kara Griffi, Heidi Lam, and Yi Zhou
Society for Humanistic Anthropology, Ruth Toulson and Rose Wellman
Society for Linguistic Anthropology, Summerson Carr, Ilana Gershon, and Amelia Tseng
Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, Chris Garces
Society for Medical Anthropology, Dori Beeler and Laura Meek
Soyuz Postsocialist Studies Network, Deborah Jones
Society for Psychological Anthropology, Amir Hampel and Kathy Trang
Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology, Faedah Totah
Society for Visual Anthropology, E. Gabriel Dattatreyan