CFP: High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology Spring Conference 2019

Call for Papers: High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology (HPSfAA) Spring Conference 2019: “Diversity and Inclusion in Anthropology”- Building Bridges to Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Approaches.


Deadline for Abstracts: March 15, 2019

HPSfAA In collaboration with The Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC) are holding a joint conference on:  April 10 – 13, 2019

Hosted by the Metropolitan State University of Denver


The High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology has had a long history of including participants and presenters from across the various sub-disciplines of anthropology and sociology including linguists, ethnobotanists, archeologists, museum anthropologists, cultural anthropologists and more recently visual/documentary anthropologists. We have often had presenters from various other fields, including poets, educators, musicians and painters all contributing to our community of practice. These various academic and artistic perspectives have broadened our approaches to applied anthropological work and stimulated new insights and discussions.

Our 2019 call for papers “Diversity and Inclusion in Anthropology” highlights this tradition of inclusiveness, collaboration, and commitment to communicating our human experience. We are looking for academics, artists and students who would like to share work that either is or will be applied or shared with the stakeholders of the research. We are seeking applications that not only showcase the presenter’s work but also how it has crossed traditional boundaries of the academy. We encourage any submission which touches on application of research to publicly relevant work, cooperation or communication across fields and disciplines, as well as retrospectives drawing from lessons learned in less than successful field work. Additionally, if you never thought about presenting at an anthropological conference, we would like to welcome you.

Cross-disciplinary and applied work are more than organizational buzz words— in a world of increasing specialization within disciplines, the need for common intellectual space has become ever more pressing. By sharing our experiences across disciplines, we can foster a better understanding of the difficulties being faced and how they might be overcome by investing in a more diverse approach. We want to extend a specific invitation to our communities of undergraduate and graduate students in order to maintain a community and a conversation that represents the thoughts and accomplishments of all of our members. Please come to share your successes, your failures and the lessons you’ve picked up along the way.


Contact: Josef Garrett: [email protected]

Your proposal must include the following:

Personal Information:
Please include your name and contact information.

Title and Abstract:
Please provide a title and a brief description of your proposed presentation. There is no required length for your abstract; simply provide the information as you deem appropriate.

Presentation Type:
Please indicate if you are interested in a standard 20-45 minute presentation or if you are interested in a longer time slot. If longer, please indicate how long. Also, note that, if desired, you have additional options. We will be happy to work with you on alternative or even unconventional approaches to presenting your material. For example, you may propose a panel, roundtable discussion, a debate, a workshop, an activity of some sort, a session featuring film or music, or a performance.

If you would like to provide any additional information or comments on your presentation aside from the abstract, please do so.

Student Travel Scholorship Award
HPSfAA offers the Gottfried and Martha Lang Student Award which can assist students cover the cost of travel to the Spring Conference. If you are interested in applying for the award, please send your contact information to the HPSfAA Planning Committee via the address given below along with a short proposal.