Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility

When: April 29 – May 31, 2019

The University of Alberta Anthropology Department offers a 5-week, 6-credit undergraduate and graduate Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility in Belgrade, Serbia and Pula, Croatia.

Learn how to be a cultural detective through art! Our school uses Belgrade, Serbia and Pula, Croatia as ethnographic laboratories where students learn how to perceive the minute details of everyday life through a series of fun exercises modelled on the way fine arts teach novices how to see, listen and feel in a fresh way by training their attention and sensory acuity. Work with an acting coach and take drawing, creative writing or documentary film workshops. Get the feel of urban spaces, pursue the social life of mundane objects, and attend to the nuances of body language in a foreign culture. Learn to become a cultural seismograph and read your own anxieties in unfamiliar surroundings as indicators of cultural difference.

Our fieldschool is a miniature laboratory where we create some of the circumstances of ethnographic fieldwork, let the students experience the dilemmas and paradoxes of empirical inquiry, and guide them in dealing with them. We teach them not to standardize their method prematurely and tolerate ambiguity because we believe that flexibility, or “elastic rigour” is a hallmark of all scientific inquiry. All activities are closely supervised by experts in both the native culture and ethnographic fieldwork methods. In its fourth year, the Fieldschool is aimed at anthropologists who want to develop their ethnographic sensibility with the particular focus on non-verbal, embodied patterns of everyday life, artists who want to explore the convergences between ethnographic and artistic training, and designers, architects, urban-planners and scientists interested in engaging with their practice in a culturally sensitive way. Accommodation in hostel and local families. Four weeks in Belgrade (including field-trips to the Serbian countryside) will be combined with a week in Pula with field-trips in Istria. No knowledge of Serbian/Croatian required.

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Contact: Marko Zivkovic, [email protected]