Populism and the Conundrums of Democracy in Italy

As we approach the General Elections in Italy, the possibility that either of the two populist parties will take part in the government haunts the Italian—and indeed the European—political establishment, both of which frame the election in the bogus terms of populists threatening to supplant liberal values.

AAA 2017 Spring Election Results

Executive Board AAA President-Elect (two-year term followed by a two-year term as President) Akhil Gupta Archaeology Seat (three-year term) Mark W. Hauser Biological Seat (three-year term) Kathryn B. H. Clancy Linguistic Seat (three-year term) Jocelyn Ahlers Undesignated Seat 3 (three-year term) Jemima Pierre Nominations Committee Undesignated Seat 1 (three-year term) Gabriela  Vargas-Cetina Linguistic Seat (three-year […]