Linguistic Anthropology at the Women’s Marches

The Women’s Marches around the world have become a news item because of their unprecedented size – characterized as the largest one-day march in American history, and just as significantly ignored in a White House press briefing the same afternoon. The turnout speaks to the symbolic power of individual bodies gathering in shared physical and […]

Language and Social Justice Committee Storify

This post is a summary of the Storify compiled by the Committee for Language and Social Justice following the AAA Annual Meeting.  You can find the original Storify here. At this year’s AAA Annual Meeting, the Committee for Language and Social Justice (LSJ) (part of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology) convened several panels and discussions […]

Rick Parmentier’s Reflection upon Retirement

SLA interview with Rick Parmentier What article or book that you wrote are you most pleased with?  Could you talk about the story behind writing it? The principal argument of my paper “Diagrammatic Icons and Historical Processes in Belau” (American Anthropologist, 1985) was scribbled on a three-by-five card while in an ambulance taking me to the […]