2015 Rappaport Student Prize Winner Maron Greenleaf Interviewed by Amelia Moore

The Rappaport Prize and Panel of the Anthropology and Environment Society awards original research and analysis that contributes to the field of environmental anthropology.  Amelia Moore (Research Professor, University of Rhode Island): What brought you to your research subject? Maron Greenleaf (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University): I became interested in efforts to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation […]

Plantworlds in West Papua

Rejecting human exceptionalism and exploring the subjective lifeworlds and particular agencies of non-human species with whom human existence is intertwined, the multispecies turn challenges us with the possibility of biocultural hope in the blasted landscapes of the Anthropocene (Kirksey et al. 2013). Relinquishing fatalistic thinking, multispecies ethnographers invite us to look around—rather than look ahead—at […]