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Using Western science guided by Helitsuk principles, Coastwatch, a program of the Heiltsuk Nation’s Qqs Projects Society, monitors Grizzly bear populations in the Great Bear Rainforest. William Housty, Director of Coastwatch, checks a barbed wire snare for Grizzly bear hair to be used in DNA analysis. Photo Credit: Mark Godfrey/The Nature Conservancy

Anthropology has had a productive and sometimes contentious relationship with initiatives for biodiversity conservation. Numerous anthropological studies have revealed the…More

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sn-A&E jun14 Greenleaf-Acre-sunset_FEATURE

REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) has become an important part the environmental and development lexicon. But it leads…More

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Entomophagy Anthropology

Eating insects, or entomophagy, is touted as a healthy and environmentally responsible food source of which we should be taking…More

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With pa

On January 24, 2014 a conference commemorating my father, Nikolai Kopnin, a theoretical physicist and a lover of wilderness, was held…More

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Anthropology and Environment Society’s 2013 Presidential Executive Summary

The Anthropology and Environment Society (AES), now 740 strong, had a very productive year as evidenced at the recent meetings…More

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Big Data and the Science of the Anthropocene

In her September Section News Column, “Anthropology and the Anthropocene,” Amelia Moore made a distinction between anthropology in the Anthropocene…More

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Anthropology and Environment Society Events at the 2013 AAA Annual Meeting

This year the Anthropology and Environment Society is pleased to host and sponsor multiple exciting events, panels, and sessions at…More

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Landscapes of the Anthropocene in the UN Climate Negotiations

Although few scholars apply the concept of the Anthropocene, its central tenets have entered mainstream discussions at the UN Framework…More

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Anthropology and the Anthropocene

“The Anthropocene” is a label that is gaining popularity in the natural sciences.  It refers to the pervasive influence of…More

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David Hoffman conducts interviews in Costa Rica

What do Migrants Think? My current NSF-sponsored research focuses on the movement and motivation of internal migrants to the 10km…More

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