Plantworlds in West Papua

Rejecting human exceptionalism and exploring the subjective lifeworlds and particular agencies of non-human species with whom human existence is intertwined, the multispecies turn challenges us with the possibility of biocultural hope in the blasted landscapes of the Anthropocene (Kirksey et al. 2013). Relinquishing fatalistic thinking, multispecies ethnographers invite us to look around—rather than look ahead—at […]

Anthropology and Environment Society President’s Report

The Anthropology and Environment Society (AES) flourishes as one of the AAA’s most active units, with about 700 members. The Society awarded three prizes at the 2015 annual meeting of the AAA in Denver: The Julian Steward Award, chosen biannually for the best monograph in environmental and ecological anthropology, was awarded to Alexa Dietrich for […]