Anthropology in the Classroom

School Bus. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Including Anthropology in a high school curriculum provides important opportunities for students and instructors, but it also presents unique challenges.…More

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Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

More and more high schools in the United States are including anthropology courses in their curriculum, presenting unique opportunities and…More

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Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Ideas for the First Day of Class I hate most so-called “icebreakers.” Too many camp, workshop and classroom experiences have…More

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Movement of Light. Image courtesy wikicommons

Trigger warnings are a current and controversial topic in higher education and a subject of ongoing discussion among many of…More

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Tomatoes on the vine. Photo courtesy wikicommons

This pronouncement was delivered by a graduating student about Barry Estabrook’s Tomatoland after she read it in my Anthropology of…More

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