Anthropology in the Public Sector

Anthropologist as Translator

As anthropologists we are acquainted with the challenges of translation. Whether through the process of learning a new language, or…More

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Interaction of a white blood cell with MRSA. Image courtesy NIH and wikicommons

Life as a Fed

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Robert A Hahn

An anthropologist’s career at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) For the past 28 years I have…More

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Test tubes, petri dishes and other essential laboratory tools, used for cancer research, found in FDA Laboratory in 1938. Photo courtesy NCI and wikicommons

Look at a map of Washington, DC and surrounding Maryland suburbs, head northeast from the tip of the city, and…More

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Albuquerque SfAA_FEATURE

The Society for Applied Anthropology 74th Annual Meeting was a big meeting for VA anthropologists this year—which is saying a…More

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Reflections of  lights shining on  water . Photo courtesy Magnus Manske and wikicommons

But Will It Work Here?

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Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts

Anthropology and Implementation Science The title of this column is the same title as a poster I presented at the…More

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Sunrise Joshua Tree, California USA. Photo courtesy Jessie Eastland and wikicommons

Stepping Back to Move Forward

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Heather Schacht Reisinger

In our first column, “All Roads Lead to Iowa…and Veterans,” we laid out our plan for the online column we…More

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The Professionalization of an Anthropologist I did a lot of traveling this summer. We’re in the middle of a project…More

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Electronic Health Records and Big Data

Emerging Issues in the Anthropology of Policy Did you notice your health care provider keying information into a computer during…More

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VA LGBT poster. Image courtesy Department of Veterans Affairs

I am a feminist medical anthropologist who recently made the transition from a teaching career to employment in the public…More

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Linda Nichols. Photo courtesy of Linda Nichols

Following my February column, the editors of this column asked me to talk a bit more about how it is…More

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