Anthropology in the Public Sector

Reflections of the coloured lights shining on the Water Mirror in Bordeaux. Photo courtesy Magnus Manske and wikicommons

But Will It Work Here?

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Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts

Anthropology and Implementation Science The title of this column is the same title as a poster I presented at the…More

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Sunrise Joshua Tree, California USA. Photo courtesy Jessie Eastland and wikicommons

Stepping Back to Move Forward

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Heather Schacht Reisinger

In our first column, “All Roads Lead to Iowa…and Veterans,” we laid out our plan for the online column we…More

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The Professionalization of an Anthropologist I did a lot of traveling this summer. We’re in the middle of a project…More

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Electronic Health Records and Big Data

Emerging Issues in the Anthropology of Policy Did you notice your health care provider keying information into a computer during…More

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VA LGBT poster. Image courtesy Department of Veterans Affairs

I am a feminist medical anthropologist who recently made the transition from a teaching career to employment in the public…More

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Linda Nichols. Photo courtesy of Linda Nichols

Following my February column, the editors of this column asked me to talk a bit more about how it is…More

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Pamela Erickson, Chair of Margaret Mead Award Committee, presenting Erin Finley with award. Photo courtesy of Heather Schacht Reisinger.

We deeply appreciate Erin Finley’s willingness to share them in this column. She beautifully reflects on the personal impact of…More

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Heather Schacht Reisinger

The 73 Annual Meeting of the Society of Applied Anthropology (SfAA) was held in Denver at the end of March.…More

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wordle: VAntage Point content

The rapid growth of new media – the Internet, social media tools, smart phones, apps, etc. – and the steady…More

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Alison Hamilton

As an anthropologist in the public sector—and in VA health services research in particular—I find that I am constantly in…More

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