Anthropologists’ Research Contributions Recognized at National US Department of Veteran Affairs Meeting

National scientific meetings are a standard part of professional, academic life. They provide an opportunity to learn about the latest research, reconnect with old colleagues, and meet other like-minded professionals. For anthropologists working in the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), the national scientific meeting of the VA Health Services Research and Development Service (HSR&D) […]

Beyond the Audit

Anthropologists Finding Careers at the Government Accountability Office   In recent years, several colleagues and I from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) have had the opportunity to participate in the NAPA-sponsored career expo held at the AAA Annual meeting. The event staffed by practicing anthropologists from federal agencies, non-profit and private sector organizations sharing career […]

Characterizing Tribal Cultural Landscapes

A Collaborative Approach to Resource Management Historically, federal policy and legislation artificially divide management of natural and cultural resources—a system that doesn’t work on many levels. As an archaeologist working in the historic preservation community, I believe a paradigm shift is happening, and that the Tribal Cultural Landscape (TCL) approach can provide a way to […]

Mentoring the Next Generation of Practicing Anthropologists

My career as a practicing anthropologist has taken many twists and turns over the years. I have worked on projects ranging from reducing water-borne diseases in Bolivia; social marketing campaigns in the U.S.; migrant farmworker safety in South Florida; and Spinal Cord Injury in the VA. Currently, I work as a research co-investigator at the HSR&D […]