Applied and Practicing Anthropology at #AAA2014

This year’s annual AAA meeting is shaping up to be exciting and informative—and it takes place in Washington, DC, home to many applied and practicing anthropologists who work in governmental, non-profit and private sector jobs, as well as at local universities. The preliminary program lists numerous opportunities for practitioners to find out about new jobs […]

No Anthropologist is An Island

Making the Case for AAA Support of Professional Practitioner Networks Though they may not carry the designation “anthropologist” in their job titles, countless practitioners of our discipline work for organizations, institutions, and governmental agencies, outside of the ivory tower.  Like academics, they apply the research methods they learned in graduate school to their everyday practice, […]

Exploring the Relationship between Practitioners and Academic Departments

For the past 18 months the Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA) has been engaged in a project that explores the kinds of relationships that practitioners have with academic institutions and the exchanges that result from these relationships. This project aligns with many of the core missions of the committee which include […]