Practicing Anthropology in Design and Business

When was the last time you were satisfied or even delighted with a product, service or system? All too often we feel frustrated or disappointed with our material, social and digital interactions, in part because they have been designed using a top-down approach focused on business needs and goals. Engineers, designers, product managers, and marketers […]

Understanding Practitioner-Academic Department Relationships

At AAA meetings and within academic units, we often hear a call for students to learn from non-university based practicing anthropologists. Such anthropologists bring a unique set of skills and perspectives that add great value to student training. While the incentive for academic units to develop relationships with practicing anthropologists is clear, CoPAPIA was interested […]

AAA Career Expo(sed)

Anthropologists Who Work for the Department of Veterans Affairs Fourteen years ago, I attended my first AAA meetings. My most vivid memory from those meetings, besides eating sushi for the first time, was of Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Paul Farmer debating the merits of public and applied anthropology before a packed house. Anthropologists continue to engage […]