Archaeology Can Empower Community College Women

My students and I do some “myth busting” on the first class meeting of the semester. “How does pop culture portray archaeology?” I ask. Students are quick to identify classic movies cast by actors who portray archaeologists in leading roles: Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, or The Mummy. I ask them to tell me about these characters; students typically discuss the fictional archaeologists’ brush with dangerous booby traps, their quest for sacred artifacts and precious metals, the pillaging of archaeological sites, and even the characters’ sex appeal.

Caring in Ancient Times

A new bioarchaeological approach suggests health care has a long human history.

Archaeology for the Next Generation

The Society of Black Archaeologists (SBA), founded in 2011, represents the only professional organization that focuses on specifically addressing the concerns of black archaeologists and, more generally, scholars of African descent across the diaspora. Today, the exact number of African Americans employed as archaeologists in America is unknown. Our best estimates can be gleaned from […]