Things You Need to Know

This edition of Archeology Division’s Section News contains various and sundry news items for the membership. It features information from the 2015 Annual Meeting in Denver, and some important deadlines to keep in mind. Important Upcoming Deadlines The Alfred Vincent Kidder Award- Deadline for Nominations February 15, 2016 Established in 1950, the Alfred Vincent Kidder […]

AD Updates and The RPA Certification of Archaeology Field Schools

By the time you are reading this, the Annual Meetings in Denver will have come to a close. The January (online) and March/April (print) versions of Anthropology News will give you a glimpse into the happenings at the meetings and the rich and diverse archaeological contributions to the 2015 program. One event that takes place […]

Archaeology at the AAA Annual Meeting in Denver

This summer the AAA announced that Alex Barker, archaeologist and museum curator, would be its next President-Elect/President. Historically, several archaeologists have held the position of AAA President, but in the moment it’s also a good reminder of just how many archaeologists volunteer their time in service for the AAA. Committees, sections, task forces, and interest groups […]