Archeology in North America

US-Mexico border at Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico; and California. Photo courtesy Tomas Castelazo and wikicommons

The clandestine movement of people across the Mexico-United States border is of interest to many people, including archaeologists. There aren’t…More

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A trowel, the standard tool for archaeology. Photo courtesy Bob Muckle

Although most archaeological research in North America focuses on the past, there are some very interesting and worthwhile projects focusing…More

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Inuksuk Point, Foxe Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada. Photo courtesy Ansgar Walk and wikicommons

A recent article in a major newspaper by two members of the US House of Representatives has led to many…More

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Perceived Conflicts in Archaeology-for-Profit

When it comes to the practice of doing archaeology in advance of development projects, there is an elephant in the…More

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Indigenous Claims, DNA and Archaeology

In the courthouse, in the political arena, and in the public eye, archaeology has been a major player in documenting,…More

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On Reducing the Ecological Footprint of Archaeological Fieldwork

Archaeological excavation is destructive. Almost everyone knows that.  We try to mitigate that destruction by careful recording and returning the…More

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Reflecting on Collaborative Archaeology with Indigenous Peoples

It isn’t unusual for archaeologists working with Indigenous Peoples in North America to be criticized for meddling in the heritage…More

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A Can of Worms Worth Opening

Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Field There is an important study that all anthropologists, anthropology students, and anybody else…More

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Archaeology in 140 Characters or Less

North American archaeologists have been slow to board the Twitter train, and I’m not sure why.  It might be because…More

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Bending the Taboo on Discussing Poop, of the Human Kind

Although it may not be broken, the taboo against discussing human feces, in anything but pure scholarly or humorous situations,…More

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