Lessons from Directing a Study Abroad Program in Tanzania

From Siangiki to Yeyio As a doctoral candidate studying livelihoods in Ngorongoro from 2000-01, Maasai colleagues greeted me “Siangiki, takwenya,” which means “greetings young woman.” Ten years later when I returned to teach a summer study abroad program my name has changed. Sometimes I am “MamaCharlie” in the tradition of being named after the first-born. I […]

AfAA Award Winning Books and Papers

Since 2008, the Association for Africanist Anthropology (AfAA) has sponsored the Elliott P Skinner Book Award. The prize is awarded annually to a book that furthers the global community of Africanist scholars and the wider interests of the African continent as exemplified in the work of Elliott P Skinner, the late Franz Boas Professor of […]