Conference Notes and Dispatches

Ecumenical Predicaments and Religious Pluralism in Southern Africa, March 8 – 11, 2015 The three-day conference “Ecumenical Predicaments and Religious Pluralism in Southern Africa,” sponsored by the Journal of Southern African Studies, was convened by the AfAA’s International Liaison, Richard Werbner and James Amanze of the University of Botswana. It took place at the University […]

Botswana Democracy

Ignored by the Global Media Botswana is the oldest, fully functioning democracy in sub-Saharan Africa. You would never guess it, however, by the way in which the country is ignored by the western—and global—media. Bad news travels far and fast in Africa—the Ebola epidemic, kidnappings, civil wars, massacres, dictatorships and rigged elections all make headline […]