Botswana Democracy

Ignored by the Global Media Botswana is the oldest, fully functioning democracy in sub-Saharan Africa. You would never guess it, however, by the way in which the country is ignored by the western—and global—media. Bad news travels far and fast in Africa—the Ebola epidemic, kidnappings, civil wars, massacres, dictatorships and rigged elections all make headline […]

Lessons from Directing a Study Abroad Program in Tanzania

From Siangiki to Yeyio As a doctoral candidate studying livelihoods in Ngorongoro from 2000-01, Maasai colleagues greeted me “Siangiki, takwenya,” which means “greetings young woman.” Ten years later when I returned to teach a summer study abroad program my name has changed. Sometimes I am “MamaCharlie” in the tradition of being named after the first-born. I […]

AfAA Award Winning Books and Papers

Since 2008, the Association for Africanist Anthropology (AfAA) has sponsored the Elliott P Skinner Book Award. The prize is awarded annually to a book that furthers the global community of Africanist scholars and the wider interests of the African continent as exemplified in the work of Elliott P Skinner, the late Franz Boas Professor of […]