APLA Panels and Special Events at the AAA in Denver

The APLA Program Chairs for the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting, Erica Bornstein and Jeff Martin, have put together an exciting array of panels and events—including thematic panels responding to issues of Race and Justice and high-profile invited panels on a range of topics.  Read on for an overview of APLA events and consult the online […]

Cannabis Cultures: Special Event at AAA 2015

Cannabis is attracting heightened political attention in the United States—even though it is a plant cultivated by humans for at least 4,000 years and has long been consumed by diverse societies all over the world for ritual, recreational, and medical purposes. Medical and recreational uses are being legalized in some states—including Colorado, where the American […]

Creativity, Recognition, and Indigenous Heritage

New Resource for Rethinking Intellectual Property What happens when people decide to claim ownership over ritual dances? What is the effect of declaring such expressions as heritage? Who should control collective knowledge about potato seeds? When is musical borrowing perceived as honoring, and when is it seen as cultural theft? What is creativity? When and […]