APLA Salon at AAA Meetings

Producing Political and Legal Knowledge through Cross-Disciplinary Engagements APLA hosted its inaugural salon, Producing Political and Legal Knowledge through Cross-Disciplinary Engagements, on December 3, 2014 during the AAA annual meetings in Washington, DC. The event was held at the community-based café and event space, Busboys & Poets, in the heart of the city. AAA members, […]

Identity and Incorporation in Citizens United and Hobby Lobby

Contributing Editors’ Note: This column by APLA Section News co-editor Leo Coleman is the first in a new series, “Legal Concerns,” part of wider initiatives by APLA to broaden our audience and bridge the gap between anthropological debates and legal arguments. We often interact with—or, indeed, act as—lawyers, judges, regulators, and other legal specialists in […]

APLA Events at AAA 2014 in Washington, DC

Final preparations for the 2014 AAA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC have begun! As usual, APLA is sponsoring a wide range of scholarly sessions, events and workshops, including workshops for graduate students and a salon and reception in honor of our journal, PoLAR. Please mark your calendars for this special event, “Producing Political And Legal […]

Human Rights Come Home?

The United States at the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination A coalition of international NGOs recently began webcasting meetings of UN human rights treaty bodies in an initiative that aims to broaden public access to, and engagement with, these bodies’ work. For me, this also offers the opportunity to revisit one of […]