Speaking Ethnography to Policy

Interdisciplinary Conversations on the Affordable Care Act Mainstream policy studies schools rarely attend to anthropological approaches to policy processes or effects in their curricula. Anthropologists are nearly absent from policy school faculties. Even highly regarded, interdisciplinary training programs in policy studies and administration routinely exclude not just the ethnographic approach but qualitative and interpretive scholarship […]

Notes from the Section Leadership: ASAP sessions at the IUAES in Dubrovnik (May 2016)

The Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) contributed three sessions to the recent May meeting of the International Union of the Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is part of the ASAP effort to find venues beyond the American Anthropological Association to discuss anthropological approaches to policy, especially to enable better contact […]

Living with Debt

If one journeys up the Hooghly River from Kolkata (Calcutta), the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, one can get a condensed impression of India’s colonial past. Dotted along the river banks are the towns of Bandel, Chinsurah, Serampore, and Chandannagar, where the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Danes, and the French respectively settled. […]

Stemming Refugee Flows, Warehousing Refugee Souls

“We will not accept turning the country into a permanent warehouse of souls,” Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, recently declared as he contested the Austrian-led coordination of stringent border enforcement along the Western Balkan migratory route, from the Macedonia-Greek border just north of Idomeni to the Austrian-Slovenian border. Asked about the proliferation of barbed […]