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US Prisons

US Prisons

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Orisanmi Burton

Crisis and Anti-Prison Praxis The Prison Crisis  Most of us are by now at least partially familiar with the notion…More

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Racialized Violence and the Shaping of the US Urban Landscape

An Opening Gesture Riding on the city bus gazing upon the transformed streetscapes of Harlem at a moment when the reassertion…More

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A Call from Colombia

A Call from Colombia

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Jaime Amparo Alves

The African Diaspora as a Social Praxis When I arrived in Cali/Colombia, to carry a one-year of postdoctoral research I…More

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ABA Letter from the President

It is a joy serving as president of the ABA, an intellectually vibrant and welcoming community of scholars. We have…More

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Barnes Professional  Photo

During the 2012-13 academic year I was assigned as the pre-major adviser for three students who listed anthropology as a…More

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ABA Works in Progress Session at the 2012 AAA Meetings. Photo courtesy Riche' Barnes

Race and blackness have been all over our televisions as of late. Barack Obama called a news conference to specifically…More

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Youth activists Mbanza and Luamba. Photo courtesy Janette Yarwood

In March 2011 an anonymous call for a demonstration in Angola went viral via the internet and text message.  It…More

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Reflections from the Field and Footing in the ‘Hood On a summer weekend evening in May, I attended a club…More

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BackAlley Dred. Photo Taken by Ken Mitchell

Fieldwork is complete; and like other graduate students I decided to stay and write-up my dissertation where I completed my…More

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Dr. Daryl White (Spelman College), Dr. Doris Derby Banks, and Dr. Elgin Klugh (then a student at Morehouse College) at the Southern Anthropological Society meetings in the 1990s. Photo credit Dr. Ira Harrison. Dr. Angela Howell in the 1990s during her undergraduate years at Morgan State University, where she now teaches.

Decolonization Continued

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Elgin Klugh
Angela Howell

Anthropology and HBCUs In 1937, African American anthropological pioneer, Mark Hanna Watkins, wrote a short article titled, “A Case for…More

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