Activating and Deactivating Heritage Symbols

On the Tubman $20 and Other Symbolic Controversies After a long controversy between students and upper-level administration, Yale University decided not to remove the name of John C. Calhoun from their residential community building. Apparently, they only supported efforts to stop using the title “master” to address the faculty members who head these residential communities. […]

Roots, Routes, and Reggae Music in Ghana

Notes from the Field I had originally come to Ghana inspired to investigate Ghana’s well documented Hiplife music and dance culture. A hybrid take on American Hip Hop performed in the dominant indigenous language of Twi, Hiplife has dominated the local music industry since the early 2000s. In the two-decades of its existence, Hiplife turned […]

Black, Feminist and Unfunded

Advice on Fieldwork in New York City Initially my project was about Afro-Caribbean domestics. Unfortunately I did not get funding and the summer courses I was scheduled to teach were canceled at the last minute. I was left with a choice: do I scrap the project or do I work with what I have? I […]