Photography In The House of Pakal

Between 2009 and 2014 I deployed a mix of ethnography, archaeology, and forensic science to examine the undocumented movement of people through the brutalizing Sonoran Desert of Arizona.  In 2015 I turned my attention towards those fleeing violence and poverty in the Golden Triangle of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and who must cross the […]

The Fragility of Sanctuary Cities

Philadelphia maintained one of the most progressive policies regarding the rights and protections of undocumented migrants. That ended when, with a stroke of his pen, Mayor Nutter reversed the city’s policy of non-collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the final weeks of his second term in office. Activists protested the Mayor’s move as […]

Mentoring Workshops at the 2016 AAA Annual Meeting

The Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA) is delighted to announce its sponsorship with the Association of Black Anthropologists (ABA) and Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists (ALLA) for interactive mentoring workshops at the 2016 AAA Meetings in Minneapolis. Join us on Thursday, November 17th for five free flash interactive workshops led by committed anthropologists to support community […]

Unboxing the Buried Seeds of My Belonging

Latina/o History, Decolonized Pedagogies and the Politics of Inclusion “We, students, deeply internalized the limited exposure and hidden space allotted to vitally important alternative histories on campus.” Anthropologists committed to decolonizing anthropology rely on anthropological perspectives to promote change and deepen understandings of difference. This piece considers historical recovery through this lens and its impact […]

ALLA President’s Report

It is a joy serving as President of ALLA, an intellectually and politically dynamic community of scholars. Over the past year we have built on our successes and launched exciting initiatives. We continue to develop critical dialogues at the annual meetings–including dynamic community outreach events–enhance our mentoring program, establish collaborative relationships with other sections, and […]