Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists

Typical "yardero" worksite. Chicago, Illinois.

Having experienced my first AAA annual meeting held at my ethnographic site of Chicago, I emerged with these questions: what…More

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Maintaining ALLA’s Momentum

It was gratifying to see the many ALLA members who attended the Chicago meeting of the AAA and who participated in…More

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ALLA Hits the Windy City

Two Exciting Panels for Chicago For many of us the fall semester, or quarter, has just commenced.  Within a few…More

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Towards a Decolonized Anthropology

In 1977, Chicano anthropologists organized a panel on Decolonizing Anthropology for the AAA annual meeting. Although the AAA program committee…More

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Migrant Border Crossing Study

Motives, Impact and Future Directions In the early 2000s, academics and human rights activists alike began noticing an increase in…More

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An Undergraduate Perspective on Coyotaje

Or How I Came to Document Border-Crossings at the South Texas-Mexico Border Initiating a research project and conducting the fieldwork…More

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Why We Still Need the DREAM Act and More

President Obama’s announcement of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on June 15, 2012 was received as a welcomed surprise…More

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Message from Outgoing ALLA President

Message from Outgoing ALLA President

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Miguel Diaz-Barriga (U Texas-Pan American)

It has been a great two years. Allow me to highlight some of our accomplishments. ALLA proposed that the next…More

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