How Gardens Talk Back

Unexpected lessons from gardening research, meditative weeding, and other urban multispecies collaborations. Drawing on the experiences and expertise of our members, Culture & Agriculture introduces its “Notes from the Field” series. It is intended as a space for creative, thoughtful reflections on the process of fieldwork that, while not always included in traditional peer-reviewed publications, […]

Mentoring as Anthropological Praxis

C&A Re-Launches Notes from the Field The Culture & Agriculture (C&A) Section of the American Anthropological Society (AAA) has been hard at work revamping and growing its member offerings. September celebrates the re-launch of the monthly Notes From the Field column. There, members and other contributors share their fieldwork experiences and work out nascent theoretical […]

The Fermentological Turn—Multi-Yeasties Ethnography

See what C&A has brewing at the AAA meeting this year I put the pen to the paper and I went off I’m dropping knowledge and wisdom like a mad head dog Step into the function ’cause I’m representing Lyrics on the brain and they sit fermenting   –B(y)eastie Boys, ‘Dope Little Song’ Forget Latour. […]