Ethical Currents

Is Work on the Virtuous Self a Group Project?

The “new anthropology of ethics” (Clarke 2012) starts from a unit of one: the self. Inspired by Aristotle and Foucault,…More

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Archaeological excavations at Reflections of Manatee, with community members and students. Photo courtesy Uzi Baram

Southwest Florida might be best known through the theming of paradise – the timeless beauty of its beaches to attract…More

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Archaeology for the People

Archaeology for the People

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Susan E Alcock
Andrew Dufton
Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver

A First Foray into the World of MOOCs Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, have recently electrified, mobilized, and in…More

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Communicating Intent, Undermining Intimacy

Consequences of Culturally Biased Research Ethics in Shanghai Ethical guidelines and regulations for conducting research are indispensable. The goal of…More

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Recent Discussions of Ethical Issues in Field Primatology

Recent Discussions of Ethical Issues in Field Primatology

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Katherine C MacKinnon
Erin P Riley

Introduction In general, primatologists adhere to a set of principles outlined in resolutions and policy statements on the ethical treatment…More

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NSF, Peer Review and Debates over Congressional Oversight

My entry here in Anthropology News stems from an invited post I wrote at the beginning of May for the…More

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Archaeology and UAVs

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Austin “Chad” Hill

Legal, Ethical and Safe Use of Drones for Archaeological Research UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), or “drones” as they are commonly…More

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