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Flood Disaster Relief among the Tsimane of Bolivia Floods have laid waste to many of the villages and livelihoods of…More

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2013 EAS President’s Report

2013 was our eighth year as a regular section of the AAA. At the AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago we…More

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Evolution and Violence

Evolution and Violence

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Keith F Otterbein

Napoleon Chagnon and Keith Otterbein shared the stage at the University of Wisconsin on Thursday evening, October 24, 2013. The…More

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AAA 2013 Coming Up, Three New EAS Board Members To Take Office

In August, the EAS held a special election to fill three positions: two board members at-large and president-elect. I am…More

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Marcus Feldman

Among the 84 scholars elected to the National Academy of Sciences this year was evolutionary biologist Marcus Feldman. Feldman has…More

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Human Cooperation at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center

Human cooperation is a broad and diverse phenomenon, and the kinds of scholars who study it are similarly diverse. Within…More

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EAS and Interdisciplinary Collaborations

The Culture and the Mind Project Evolutionary anthropology is a diverse branch of the field, but many EAS members share…More

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What Evolutionary Anthropologists Can Do for Public Health—and How You Can Get Involved

Integrating biocultural and evolutionary insights into public health practice can produce more effective interventions. Doubt me? Scholars working within evolutionary…More

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EAS at AAA 2012

EAS at AAA 2012

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Adam Howell Boyette

A Brief Review of Invited Sessions and Membership Business This year’s AAA meeting in San Francisco featured a strong showing…More

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Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Auckland

North American students may wish to consider venturing to the Antipodes to pursue a PhD in evolutionary anthropology. There are…More

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