EAS at AAA 2016

Hi Evolutionary Anthropology Society (EAS) members! Back by popular demand is a list by day of EAS sessions and a list of non-EAS sessions and other events of possible interest (sorry if we have overlooked a group or talk of interest). Workshops and special events (including crashable receptions) are italicized. Events are listed by day, […]

Evolutionary Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Religion

Historically, evolutionary anthropologists have allocated the majority of our attention to topics like subsistence strategies, parental investment, warfare, etc. One topic that has been given only minimal space is religion. We have seen an increase in the exploration into evolutionary explanations for religious behavior and religious affiliation in the evolutionary and human behavioral ecological literature over […]

An Evolutionary Anthropology Master Syllabus

With the Fall Quarter/Semester fast approaching, many of us are scrambling to organize course syllabi. Whatever the specific course you teach, the required reading list likely reflects a carefully thought-out combination of foundational texts and manuscripts, personal favorites and recent developments. Now, imagine if you could round up all the syllabi from all the Evolutionary Anthropology-relevant […]