E-Cigarettes and Cambrian Fossils

One of Washington’s pleasant surprises has been how frequently my wife Erin and I get to see friends and colleagues who are passing through town. In one recent week, for example, we had a chance to see my former Battelle colleague Hyoshin Kim, and Erin’s colleague Jean-Bernard Caron from the Royal Ontario Museum. Hyoshin is […]

A Watershed Moment in Publishing

  Several weeks ago, the world was acknowledging the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, recalling its devastating effects on the people and the institutional fabric of New Orleans. The loss of life was staggering. The property losses were unprecedented and in many instances irreplaceable. The prospects for “building back better” have rarely been more closely […]

Are We Taking On Too Much?

We’re looking to reconfigure the AAA governance network. This will allow us to lift the moratorium on new sections and interest groups. It will also allow us to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of governance responsibilities currently distributed among way too many committees, sub-committees, working groups and task forces. You will hear that one key […]