Envisioning AAA

What feels like a lifetime ago, I entered a hotel in Washington, DC, the location of the 1985 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, the first I would attend. As an all too easily intimidated graduate student, I believed that everybody there knew everybody else, and that everybody there was a very important person […]

2015 AAA President’s Report

I organize this report in ways similar to that I used a year ago, simply because the overarching goals remain the same: to construct a better public presence and better external relations; and to (re)shape ourselves, more or less constantly, to make the AAA as useful a space as possible for members. It will close […]

Things on the Agenda for Fall 2015

I really hope everyone has had a fulfilling and restorative summer, because we are going to need your energy and attention this fall. There are many things on the agenda, including working towards the publications plan we want to be able to present to possible publishing partners, identifying priorities for the Working Group on Racialized […]