Getting Credit

AAA’s new Tenure and Promotion Guidelines support public forms of writing, publishing, and communicating anthropology. We don’t need to look far to see there are many new and exciting ways to communicate anthropology than has ever before been possible. New media technologies enable the speedy spread of information that can hit the full range of […]

For What It’s Worth

I invoke the song title of Buffalo Springfield’s 1966 classic (yes, it dates me) because the phrase intimates an assertion, something about uncertainty, the promise of a perspective and the question of value. As I reflect on AAA’s year of activities and accomplishments, “For What It’s Worth” captures this time of intense global and local […]

A Gift of Giving with PIFFT

November 4, 2016 Dear Members, I write with great excitement to announce the launch of the Palestine-Israeli Fellowship Fund for Travel (PIFFT), a project that emerged as one among eight actions AAA has taken in response to conditions on the ground in Israel Palestine. Recognizing those Israeli government policies and practices that inhibit Palestinian and […]

Reflections on Things Past and Present

With acknowledgements and apologies to Eric Wolf.   On November 16, the anthropologists of North America and across the globe will foregather in Minneapolis for the 115th annual meeting of our largest tribal union, the American Anthropological Association. The meeting marks the close of a remarkable year for anthropology and the Association, a time in […]