Museum Anthropology Futures Conference Schedule

  Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, May 25–27, 2017 CMA’s inaugural conference is designed to facilitate focused, frank, vivid conversations through non-traditional and anti-hierarchical knowledge exchange. It engages the public through keynotes and reportage in a range of media. Check out the innovative schedule below. More here. Follow on Facebook and @CMAfutures THURSDAY 2–5 p.m.       […]

Undergraduate Futures

On how anthropology might create a safer world for human difference.   In writing a piece on the topic of Futures as current senior undergraduates in anthropology we feel it is essential to discuss how our present can transform into an anthropology that has yet to exist. We are both at critical moments in our […]

Comet Quest

How the Rosetta mission created a new archaeological site in space.   A tale of two Rosetta Stones Archaeological sites where humans have carried out scientific activities beyond the Earth are not as rare as you might think. The planets nearest us—the Moon, Mars, and Venus—are littered with landers, rovers, probes, and craters where spacecraft […]

The Future of Education is Now

We must radically reform higher education to meet the most pressing needs of our age. It’s Taco Day at Meadowlark Retirement Community in Manhattan, Kansas. “The students usually sit with the other residents,” the host says, pointing to a round table with crisp white table linens at the opposite end of the dining room, beyond […]

What’s Your Beef

How eating brisket shapes the future in the present.   A strong and well-constituted man digests his experiences (deeds and misdeeds all included) just as he digests his meats, even when he has some tough morsels to swallow. —Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals, Essay 3, Aphorism 16, (1887) If it’s true as Nietzsche […]

When Social Media Are the News

As social media become commonplace, they reorganize publics, places, and politics in ways history cannot predict. Over a decade ago, a tectonic shift in communication technologies began remaking the media landscape in the US and elsewhere. During the 2004 presidential election, television network news lost ground to talk-based cable news, especially conservative Fox News. Print […]

Big Data, Ethical Futures

Social media and digital networks research is human subjects research. Why not make it more ethical? As more and more disciplines crisscross and work together to study the worlds of social media and digital networks, we are pressed to rethink our basic methods and the ethical obligations pinned to them. Indeed “ethical dilemmas” are often […]