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Poor Data, Rich Data, Big Data, Chief

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Samuel Gerald Collins

Over the past 2 years, Big Data has worked its way into public consciousness, courtesy of widespread news exposure and…More

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The Invisible City. Photo courtesy Michael Najjar and wikicommons

Latent City

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Samuel Gerald Collins

Mapping Social Networks onto Urban Spaces A couple of decades ago, social network analysis was a fairly recondite branch of…More

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View from the first level of the Eiffel Tower. Photo courtesy wikicommons

I watched Carol Reed’s “The Third Man” (1949) again last week, and I was again reminded what a perfect parable…More

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Dziga Vertov's "Man with a Movie Camera. Image courtesy wikicommons

Sitting on my desk is a book that I page through when I have a moment: Quantum City.  It’s not…More

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A screenshot of Manic Digger photo courtesy Pierre Rudloff and wikicommons

You Ruined My Game

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Samuel Gerald Collins

As the brief, terrifying passion for MOOCs slowly dissipates, your university administrators may be casting around for some other technologically…More

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eFluor Nanocrystals under UV-excitation. Photo courtesy of Travis Jennings and Wikicommons

As I write this, magazines, newspapers and blog sites around the world proffer their predictions for 2014.  Many of these…More

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