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Tweeting the Hell Train

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Samuel Gerald Collins

Moving Across Scale and Platform in Seoul Walker, Rider, Smartphone Talker In Ryu Shin’s 2014 Seoul Arcade Project, the author, in…More

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Sewol protestors in different tents along Gwanghwamun Plaza.  Photo courtesy Samuel Collins

Twitter on the Plaza

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Samuel Gerald Collins

The Spatial Practice of Online Social Networks What are the relationships between the city and the social media used in…More

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Attack of the Social Media Zombies

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Samuel Gerald Collins

My colleague, Matthew Durington, and I have just finished our final iteration of a 4-year collaborative project, Anthropology By the…More

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Visualization of all editing activity by user. Image courtesy Fernanda B. Viégas and wikicommons

Poor Data, Rich Data, Big Data, Chief

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Samuel Gerald Collins

Over the past 2 years, Big Data has worked its way into public consciousness, courtesy of widespread news exposure and…More

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The Invisible City. Photo courtesy Michael Najjar and wikicommons

Latent City

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Samuel Gerald Collins

Mapping Social Networks onto Urban Spaces A couple of decades ago, social network analysis was a fairly recondite branch of…More

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View from the first level of the Eiffel Tower. Photo courtesy wikicommons

I watched Carol Reed’s “The Third Man” (1949) again last week, and I was again reminded what a perfect parable…More

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