“They Arrange Human Beings like Sardines”

Since 2013, over 725,000 migrants have fled their homes in sub-Sahara Africa for Europe.  Many of these migrants traveled to Sicily, the southern entry point to the European Union, from Libya, crossing the Mediterranean on unseaworthy boats.

Pride without Prestige

The Northern League focused on the civilizational divide between an abstract idea of Europe, Mitteleuropa (Central Europe)–the superior trans-alpine North in the international order of things– which represents a high culture with its implied Germanic and supposedly high race, and the rest of the world, especially Muslims and Africans who are constructed as uncivilized, primitive, and violent. Framing themselves as Europeans as opposed to immigrants, not only compensate for their prestige deficit but also satisfy their bourgeoisie ideology that is based on a self-perception of being civilized, pure, hard-working, and therefore rich people, thereby rescuing them from the label of being a quasi-member of the global precariat.