Maximizing Success for Undergraduate Anthropology Majors

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Join the Club

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Beatriz Reyes-Foster
Ty Matejowsky

An essential step in the ongoing development of aspiring anthropologists is involvement in some type of school affiliated anthropology club…More

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Llanmaes fieldwork. Photo courtesy wikicommons

To the Field!

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Beatriz Reyes-Foster
Ty Matejowsky

What do anthropologists do? For many of us, it seems that we spend an inordinate amount of time teaching college…More

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Image courtesy Henrique Matos and wikicommons

Reading the Fine Print

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Beatriz Reyes-Foster
Ty Matejowsky

In preparing our last two columns, we solicited from anthropologists around the country their top pet peeves about faculty-student interactions. …More

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Table-setting for soup course. Photo courtesy wikicommons

Last month, we offered some friendly advice on how students can make a lasting positive impression (or, at the very…More

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Sphere design. Image courtesy Roger Price and wkicommons

Hey Tye, Sorry I missed class last week. My parents bought me a cruise.  Did I miss anything important. If…More

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Photo of the Antlia Dwarf galaxy. Photo courtesy NASA and wikicommons

Finding Your Yoda

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Ty Matejowsky
Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Beatriz here – This semester I have set aside time on Tuesday afternoons to meet with students outside of the…More

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