On Bioculturalism and Tilting at Windmills

During the 2017 AAA Annual Meeting, after an excellent neuroanthropology session organized by Daniel Lende and Greg Downey, I mused about a shift in the field. To a packed room, outstanding speakers presented sophisticated theoretical models backed by ethnographic and biological evidence, and no one felt it necessary to justify or even flag bioculturalism. The presenters were simply […]

Transforming Transgender Medicine in the US Prompts Questions of its Aims

Over the last decade, access to competent medical care has been among the primary demands of those seeking to improve the lives of transgender Americans. Multiple studies have demonstrated what many trans- people know from experience: trans- folks are more likely than others to be denied primary and emergency care because of their gender non-conformity; […]

How Can Service-Learning Serve in Medical Anthropology?

Service-learning can challenge anthropology students to put methods into practice, and to apply cultural relativism to local contexts. In spring 2017, I taught an undergraduate course called Mental Health in Global Perspective. It is a critical survey of psychological anthropology, transcultural psychiatry, and global mental health literature, and this time I added a service-learning component. […]