Humanitarian Pedagogies of Transit

[pquote]One of the most basic educational challenges in refugee settings is that of school dropouts.[/pquote]Despite the traditionally temporary character of their interventions, humanitarian agencies providing ad hoc services in crisis-affected areas are increasingly viewing education as a necessity. As such, education has been progressively integrated into the standard humanitarian toolkit. Delivering formal education in crises, […]

Scholarship, Service, Solidarity

Message from the MES president Trump’s presidency recalls past eras of US militarism and anti-Muslim bigotry, but also presents new political and scholarly crises and opportunities for people and scholars of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). MES scholars have been responding by forging new resources and connections. A scholarly collaborative of Su’ad Abdul […]

Living with Integrity: Ethical Engagements in Israel/Palestine

2016 MES Student Paper Award Winner “As you know, the army and all the system are for the settlers and the soldiers and all this. So, trying to be violent in our situation as we are now is helpless, is senseless. We cannot do anything. We can just watch and tell them: ‘We are against […]