Middle East Section Student Paper Award

The Middle East Section requests submissions for our Student Paper Award. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. The winner will receive a prize of $500, plus a chance to summarize the award winning paper in Anthropology News and at the 2015 AAA meeting in Minneapolis, MN.   Student paper prize submissions should be emailed […]

From Strangeness to Sameness: Part II

Race(ism) and Ethiopian Jews in Israel Racism becomes manifest during Ethiopians’ interactions with various officials as well as the public at large. In 2009, I interviewed Ethiopian Israelis in their late 20s and early 30s who spoke mostly of encountering “innocent” racism or, as one person put it, “ignorance” about Ethiopians, which he believed was […]

From Strangeness to Sameness: Part I

Race(ism) and Ethiopian Jews in Israel Over the course of the 20th century, Ethiopian Jews have gone from living a relatively secluded, rural life in northeastern Ethiopia to becoming urban, modern Jewish citizens of Israel. The seeds of this cross-continental shift were planted via contacts between Western Jewish scholars in the 19th century and a […]

MES Distinguished Scholar Award

The Middle East Section requests nominations for its bi-annual distinguished scholar award. This award is for a senior scholar in Middle Eastern anthropology who is an outstanding academic in terms of scholarly publications and service to Middle Eastern anthropology, including mentorship and interventions in public debates. An award of $500 will be offered to the […]

The 2015 Annual Meetings

At annual meetings in Denver the Middle East Section was pleased to sponsor a number of exciting panels covering the diversity of interests of the section’s membership, including panels on experiences of life in war and on the realities of displaced people, gender and sexuality, neoliberalism, citizenship, and the environment. MES also sponsored several events […]

Anthropological Irony

Cultural Relativism and the Destruction of Cultural Artifacts by the Islamic State Cultural relativism is a theoretical perspective in which the beliefs and activities of the person or group being studied are understood and appreciated within the context of that person or group’s local culture.  The cultural relativistic perspective, as an intellectual tool, can inform an […]