Going Home

Greetings! Over the past 20 years, I have heard a growing groundswell of interest in the practice of anthropology – a biding belief that our field is relevant to understanding and solving social problems, to fostering deep understanding across cultures and to serving society locally and globally. Whether outside or within the academy, practice is […]

Back to The Office

Dates, conferences and prizes not to be missed! As you settle back into your office this month, whether you are busy planning courses, skimming the abundant list of unread emails or simply enjoying the summer weather, be sure to take note of our “not to miss list” full of announcements, call for papers and prizes: The […]

Professional Anthropologists Share Experiences at Annual Meeting

NAPA Careers Expo There are few opportunities for professional anthropologists to interact with students, recent graduates, new professionals, and faculty and have conversations about the range and complexity of careers in professional anthropology. Over the 10+ years of the Careers Expo, more than 400 professional anthropologists have participated and shared their career experiences and vision […]

Changes Coming to Annals of Anthropological Practice

The Annals of Anthropological Practice (AAP), the flagship publication of the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA), is undergoing a major refocusing, shifting from its highly successful single-theme format to an all-volunteered submission structure. Given the substantial and ongoing increase in the number of anthropological practitioners, NAPA felt that there is a clear […]

The Future of Anthropological Local Practitioner Organizations

More anthropologists today opt out of academia, as academic jobs become scarce and criticisms of the ivory tower deepen. Some of these applied anthropologists may feel isolated or struggle to achieve success in their workplace. In such cases, Local Practitioner Organizations (LPOs) can bring together professionals to foster community and provide guidance. LPOs typically provide […]