The Future of Anthropological Local Practitioner Organizations

More anthropologists today opt out of academia, as academic jobs become scarce and criticisms of the ivory tower deepen. Some of these applied anthropologists may feel isolated or struggle to achieve success in their workplace. In such cases, Local Practitioner Organizations (LPOs) can bring together professionals to foster community and provide guidance. LPOs typically provide […]

Thinking about Refugee Integration in Berlin

Anthropology has had a long and productive conversation around ethics, and the nature of our involvement in the communities we study. In 2014, Briody and Meerwarth Prester issued something of a call to action, challenging us to go beyond the familiar do no harm edict, and commit to doing good. This challenge comes only a few […]

SfAAs 2016: A Call to Action and Activism

I have never felt that I could or should identify as an activist. Activists, in my (clichéd and romanticized) view are people who take visible and passionate sides of an issue, they participate in protests, they champion the oppressed, and reveal and critique the many types of injustices that exist in our globalized world. As […]

New NAPA Podcast Series Features Recent Grads

What becomes of anthropology grad students after they finish their Masters degrees and then transition into the “real world” of practitioner anthropology? Are their choices clear cut? Do things work out as they planned? What are the options in the job market or for further education? NAPA has just released a new podcast series featuring […]