Ethnographic Fieldwork Equipment That (Hopefully) Won’t Break the Bank: New Digital Tools

Having discussed digital audio recorders, cameras, and camcorders in the first three installments of “Ethnographic Fieldwork Equipment That (Hopefully) Won’t Break the Bank,” I want to examine three digital technologies that professional and student anthropologists ought to consider when investing in or upgrading their field equipment: peripherals for smartphones, tablets, and laptops digital note-taking software […]

Responding to Student Concerns with Responses from the Field

Multiple conditions affect student integration into the job market post-graduation: an academy challenged to train new anthropologists for work beyond the academic sector; an academic job market with limited capacity to absorb doctoral graduates; a rapid increase in new MA programs producing students with generalizable skills but insufficient linkage to local or national jobs; the […]

Anthropological Irony

Cultural Relativism and the Destruction of Cultural Artifacts by the Islamic State Cultural relativism is a theoretical perspective in which the beliefs and activities of the person or group being studied are understood and appreciated within the context of that person or group’s local culture.  The cultural relativistic perspective, as an intellectual tool, can inform an […]