Notes from the Field

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Dissemination Disaster

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douglas carl reeser

Being Forced to Stop Sharing Research Results The completion of fieldwork is but one milestone in the research process of…More

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Destruction of Nohmul. Photo courtesy of Lucilo Alcoser Media Communications & Production Manager Centaur Communications Corp. Ltd.

Destroying Nohmul

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douglas reeser
Claire Novotny

Heritage Distancing and an Ancient Mayan Site in Belize The bulldozing and destruction of the ancient Maya site at Nohmul,…More

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Crab walk til e meet kiss-kiss

Speaking in Proverbs

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douglas carl reeser

Language and Everyday Life in Belize “De higher monkey climb, de more e expose.” After a few months back in…More

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Why am I in Belize? Relationships, Identity, and Home in the Field

“What made you come to Belize?” “Why aren’t you working in your own country? I know there are problems there…More

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Infrastructural Violence and the Belizean Health System

Life in the southern Toledo District of Belize is full of contradictions. It has a tropical climate, and the beautiful…More

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An aerial view of the Punta Gorda Town in southern Belize, where the author is conducting research on health and health services. Photo by douglas c reeser.

Scandals Under the Sun

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douglas carl reeser

McAfee, Indigenous Knowledge, and Corruption in Belize Thanks in large part to the adventures of anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee,…More

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