Otra Economía and Anthropology

All of us are the coop- we are all equal" Motto of the School Coop "Marcos Sastre", Argentina. Photo Courtesy Ana Heras, 2011

I had already anticipated that anthropology contributes to an important debate on otra economía & sociedad by making visible what…More

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Latin American Countries participating. Image courtesy Rosana Miraglino.

No doubt, it is people who make culture… Acknowledging this simple fact, a social movement called Cultura Viva Comunitaria was…More

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"Sin un mango" (with no money) - Forum for cultural products exchange, Moreno, Argentina, 2013. Photo courtesy David Burin 2013

My opening essay for the series that I contribute to Anthropology News portrayed the overall characteristics Otra Economía & Otra…More

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A composite image of the Western hemisphere of the Earth. Image courtesy NASA and wikicommons

A View From South America In my last column  I described some characteristics associated to emancipatory education as a perspective.…More

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