Postcards from the Frontlines

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

A Tale of Many Borders

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Gabriella Sanchez

Unaccompanied Minors and the Perils of Sentimentalism It is almost the last week in July, and the sun along the…More

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Monument to US-Mexico border deaths. Photo courtesy Tomas Castelazo and wikicommons

Over the last couple of weeks, multiple US media venues have reported on the presence of thousands of children traveling…More

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Sun behind clouds just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Photo courtesy wikicommons

Entre Coyotes

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Gabriella Sanchez

Women in Smuggling As I wait for my haircut in the crowded waiting area of Bellos and Bellas on a…More

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Fence, US Mexico Border. Photo courtesy Yesenia Trujillo

Rayo and Güera This was your last little trip, pollero. I am not a pollero, Chucho said. Ha! Right. I…More

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The "Smuggling Trail" leading into Phoenix, Arizona on a winter morning. Photo courtesy Gabriella Sanchez

Following the Coyote Trail I am driving along the strip of highway that connects the manicured and pristine grounds of…More

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