Against Ablution

There are some things that cannot and should not be washed away—the human costs of disaster and austerity that undergird the continued colonial experience of Puerto Ricans both on the archipelago and in the diaspora.

Witnessing Puerto Rico, Recognition, and Feeling in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

In the moment when I thought tarps were solar panels, I felt the water between the island and the states. It was an affective moment that leads me to wonder, what is the emotional dexterity required of those of us who are insider-outsider ethnographers? Or what are the feelings required of those of us living in diaspora? 

A Conference in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria?

In preparation for the upcoming conference: Positive Futures Sarah Molinari spoke with Dr. Yarimar Bonilla, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University, who will be giving the conference keynote address. Bonilla reflects on Puerto Rico as a “landscape of ruin” one year after Hurricane Maria and brings nuance to the conference theme Positive Futures.