Colonialism’s Orchestrated Disasters in Puerto Rico

“María, María, perdí la esperanza, María, María, perdí la esperanza.” I am reminded of these lyrics from the bomba group, Yuba Iré, when I see the pictures and videos of our beloved nation of Puerto Rico in ruins. Some of us had lived through hurricanes before, but nothing had prepared us for this level of […]

Policy Matters

A Preview of ASAP Panels at the 2017 AAA Meeting The 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Washington, DC, will soon unfold alongside policy trends that reflect nationalist, xenophobic, and populist movements in Europe and the United States. The panels sponsored by the Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) reflect these […]

Humanitarian Pedagogies of Transit

[pquote]One of the most basic educational challenges in refugee settings is that of school dropouts.[/pquote]Despite the traditionally temporary character of their interventions, humanitarian agencies providing ad hoc services in crisis-affected areas are increasingly viewing education as a necessity. As such, education has been progressively integrated into the standard humanitarian toolkit. Delivering formal education in crises, […]

Trump’s Wall and the Dictator Aesthetic

Well, look, we’re going to have a border. It’s going to be a real border, and we’re going to build a wall and it’s going to be a serious wall. Just remember that. And you remember I said it…. It’s going to be a serious wall. It’s going to be a real wall. It’s not going to […]

Welcome Home

Assessing Local Refugee Resettlement Editor’s Note: This is the first  piece in a series called “Putting Anthropology to Work” contributed by students of Margaret Buckner at Missouri State University. Our ethnographic study investigated the efficacy of Springfield Welcome Home, a not-for-profit refugee support organization in Springfield, MO that renders services to the local refugee population. […]

Introduction to “Maintaining Refuge”

This introduction is part of the Maintaining Refuge series. The last few years have witnessed a rising tide of concern about a rising tide of refugees and migrants. As some countries have responded positively, others have moved definitively toward rejection. For refugees and migrants, the navigation of being human and becoming human overlays the navigation of […]

The Hidden Costs of Reducing Refugee Arrivals  

Reductions in refugee arrivals diminish the viability of the US resettlement program and threaten those already admitted. This article is part of the Maintaining Refuge series. Refugee resettlement has evolved to rely on private service provision and public funding. Since the end of World War II, the nonprofits doing the work of resettlement have shifted from […]

Ethnic Refuge

South Sudanese refugees reshape institutional and social spaces into “ethnic refuges” that resist assimilation and promote community well-being. This article is part of the Maintaining Refuge series. On July 9, 2011, hundreds of South Sudanese refugees gathered on the Tufts University campus to celebrate the birth of their new nation. The ceremony mirrored a similar, […]

The Sanctuary Tradition Continues

Social movements are resisting regressive asylum policies and providing sanctuary to the migrants in their midst. This introduction is part of the Maintaining Refuge series. The ancient tradition of sanctuary has acquired new relevance in recent years, as governments try to deny refuge to persecuted people and social movements try to provide it. More than 10 […]