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Rapture. Image courtesy Caia Matheson and wikicommons

Blood Moons and Rapture Lunacy

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Daniel Martin Varisco

The number of books by Bible-believing evangelicals on the end of the world just keeps on expanding.  It does not…More

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The Fire byAdi Holzer. Image courtesy wikicommons

Noah and the Muslim Brotherhood

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Daniel Martin Varisco

What does a new film about the biblical Noah, who built the ark, and the Muslim Brotherhood have in common? …More

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Urknall by Hans Breinlinger. Photo courtesy Wiegates and wikicommons

Anti-Evolutionism Evolving

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Daniel Martin Varisco

Although it is now more than a century and a half since Charles Darwin published his paradigm-shifting Origin of Species,…More

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Hall of Memory Stained Glass. Photo courtesy Tony Hisgett and wikicommons

What ever happened to Fundamentalism?

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Daniel Martin Varisco

At the last AAA meeting in Chicago I picked up a copy of Tanya Luhrmann’s recent When God Talks Back:…More

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