Genetics, Race, and the Practice of Science, Part Two

On how human genetics is biopolitical. Earlier this year Jonathan Marks and I sat down at the University of Notre Dame for a conversation about his recent books, Tales of the Ex-Apes: How We Think about Human Evolution (2015) and Is Science Racist? (2017), and many of the ideas he covers, including scientific racism, power […]

Genetics, Race, and the Practice of Science, Part One

On how the humanities help us think critically about science. Jonathan Marks and I have a lot in common (despite the fact that I am a Christian feminist theologian and he is a biological anthropologist). We are both interested in human wrongdoing and how intellectual practices can function to either prop up human wrongdoing or […]

The Science of the Story

  I recently returned from the 13th Biennial Scientific Conference of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in Grand Teton National Park. This was an unusual conference for a social scientist to attend, but, in terms of conference papers and presentations, it was ideal for my purposes. The conference theme was “Building on the Past, Leading into the […]