Scholars Day at Brookdale

As a way to showcase the good work the people at our college do, several years ago our then Executive Vice President for Educational Services, Dianna Phillips, initiated a Scholars Day program to be held during one of our required on-campus faculty days. With Scholars Day, Phillips created an event where all full-time college employees, […]

Knowing the Local

Recently I attended a conference for social scientists on the issue of coastal decision-making. The conference was particularly interesting to me because my current research investigates themes related to conservation and ecosystem services- two topics that were well addressed at this event. Maybe of more interest, was the wide variety of social science disciplines represented […]

A Mile High in November!

  Denver in November can be a very interesting place to visit. The weather changes by the second so you can start the day in a light jacket and sunglasses, only to face a few hours later chilling winds and snow. As intrepid anthropologists, though, we were not deterred. The AAA meeting was extremely productive […]