Will Guided Pathways Knock Anthropology Out?

The college experience for many students today is fraught with an overabundance of choices and a financial burden practically unheard of twenty years ago. Community colleges have suffered significantly from certain aspects of these trends. They have relied for far too long on a paradigm that suggests community colleges should be all things to all people. That extremely broad mission […]

See you at SACCfest 2017 in Boise, Idaho

This month’s SACC Section News is an invite to join us at the April 2017 SACCfest. After its absence in 2016, the conference for the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC) will be taking place in Boise, Idaho from April 6-9, 2017. Boise is a new destination for SACC members. It offers a wide variety […]

Reading and Writing for Anthropology Students

Recently I volunteered to lead a roundtable discussion that addressed how we evaluate our teaching effectiveness for Honors students. Preparing for that roundtable reminded me of the difficulties I typically face teaching and then evaluating students who arrive in my classes under-prepared for the rigor of college in several critical ways. They have difficulties navigating […]

Scholars Day at Brookdale

As a way to showcase the good work the people at our college do, several years ago our then Executive Vice President for Educational Services, Dianna Phillips, initiated a Scholars Day program to be held during one of our required on-campus faculty days. With Scholars Day, Phillips created an event where all full-time college employees, […]