Travels with Community College Students

This past summer was my fifth trip traveling to Hawai’i with a group of community college students. My institution calls these trips study away programs because, although we travel a greater distance than most other programs our college offers, we are still safely embedded in the United States. By remaining in the United States, students […]

Some Observations about Student Expectations

Even after 15 years of teaching at a community college, the unpredictable nature of our students’ expectations continues to amaze me. I was foolishly convinced that if you offered meaningful information in a fair and interesting way, challenged your students thinking (forcing them to become critical thinkers), and provided a degree of rigor that made each […]

Highlights from SACC Fest 2015

A’o aku. A’o mai. (Teach. Learn. Share.) The Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges’ conference, SACC Fest 2015, was held in Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i on March 2-5. The theme of the conference, “A’o aku. A’o mai. (Teach. Learn. Share),” was chosen to highlight our unique conference location and the foundation of our organization. The theme invited […]