SEAA Mentoring Workshop and Graduate Student Dinner

In the past decade, SEAA has dedicated itself to the support of robust and rigorous research and the growth of anthropologists in East Asia and beyond. We have consistently worked on providing graduate students with opportunities to communicate with junior and senior scholars and better preparing them for professional development. Since its very beginning, SEAA has been hosting mentoring workshops and informal graduate student dinners during the AAA Annual Meetings.

Click and Touch

South Korean Missions in the IT Age Editors’ Note: This article is part of the series Digital Anthropologies in East Asia. As I walked through the corridor at Onnuri Church in Seoul, South Korea, I nearly passed by a bespectacled man holding a sign that read, “IT Missions School, 2nd floor” (IT sŏn-kyo-hak-kyo). Seeing the sign, I […]