On Fieldwork and the Construction of Knowledge / Sobre el trabajo de campo y la construcción de conocimiento

(El artículo original en español “Sobre el trabajo de campo y la construcción de conocimiento” aparece a continuación abajo) From Malinowski to the present, a central point for anthropological research is fieldwork. Some texts show us how objectivity in anthropological research is mere illusion, for knowledge is situated (Haraway, 1988; Kondo, 1986; Rosaldo, 1989). Fabian […]

Long-Distance Ethnography

A tool for collaboration between anthropologists and NGOs Since 1985, the Organization of Indigenous Doctors of Chiapas (OMIECH) has been supporting and promoting the work of traditional midwives in indigenous communities in the Highlands of Chiapas. Collaborating with non-governmental organizations, anthropologists and medical doctors in Chiapas as well as abroad, OMIECH has built an international and […]