Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnosis

An analogy for biomarkers in medical anthropology research? Should anthropologists include biological measures in our research? Does it make our work somehow more legitimate or scientific when we do? Does including biology necessarily distract us from talking about complex social, historical, and cultural processes? In considering these questions, I began thinking about pulse diagnosis in […]

Municipal IDs as a Route to Public Safety and Well-Being for Immigrants

On a hot Wednesday evening in the bare bones community room of the Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona, I gather with a small group of immigrant activists, community organizers, and their non-immigrant allies/accomplices as part of a campaign to establish a municipal ID program. I come to the campaign table as an applied anthropologist […]

Transforming Transgender Medicine in the US Prompts Questions of its Aims

Over the last decade, access to competent medical care has been among the primary demands of those seeking to improve the lives of transgender Americans. Multiple studies have demonstrated what many trans- people know from experience: trans- folks are more likely than others to be denied primary and emergency care because of their gender non-conformity; […]

Improving Policy to Address Migrant Health

For the inaugural Sections Edition, we asked some of our section members to share their policy insights on a topic of increasing relevance—border and migrant health—and to comment on how medical anthropology can help. Here are their responses. [pquote]Medical anthropologists are called upon to expose how intensified immigration enforcement under the new presidential administration will […]

Ostrach’s 2017 Health Policy in a Time of Crisis

“In Catalunya and beyond, abortion is never just a medical or even a moral issue. It is an explosive nexus of intense social conflict over power, ‘rights,’ bodily autonomy, access to health care and the equal distribution of resources in society” (Ostrach 2017: 69). Health Policy in a Time of Crisis stems from ten months […]