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Photo credit: Vassil Garnizov

June 14, 2014 was the one-year anniversary of the civil protests against the government in Sofia, Bulgaria, the poorest member…More

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"All suicides caused by the desperation of not having a job are not suicides but homicides committed by the state. Only in Italy." Image in public domain

In March 2012, 58-year old Giuseppe Campaniello, an artisan overwhelmed with debt and unpaid taxes, set himself ablaze in front…More

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sn-SAE target jan14_FEATURE

Markets as a Function of Language Central bankers have for three or four decades been engaged in a deep, albeit…More

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Skopje train station. Photo courtesy Andrew Graan

As a scholar of postsocialism, I have come to understand a striking irony of history. Or, rather, an irony of…More

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12/3/2012 Maribor Protests

In late April, the Slovene cities of Ljubljana and Maribor hosted the Hub Meetings, a gathering of radical European and…More

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2013 Graduate Student Paper Competition Finalists

SAE is please to announce the finalists of the 2013 Graduate Student Paper Competition: Fabio Mattioli (CUNY): Re-constructing Europe/ Accumulating…More

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Anthropology of Europe, Anthropology on Campus

Anthropologists have long speculated on their place within the world of professional knowledge. Of particular interest has been whether or…More

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