Reflections from the Field

An Experience as a SAW Intern One of the first memories I have of my internship with United Workers, a human rights organization based in Baltimore, was attending a housing roundtable which had been organized to address the dearth of affordable housing for low-income residents of Baltimore City. At the table sat attorneys, community leaders, […]

The Hobbyist Exception

The rules for operating a drone in the United States today are anything but simple. Public entities like universities and police departments can apply for a Certificate of Authorization, which allows them to fly a specific unmanned aircraft in a defined volume of airspace. Private companies have been out of luck unless they use an […]

A Recap of November Panel on the Legacy of the Chicago School

Since not everyone can make it to the AAA Annual Meeting each year, we try to provide a summary of some of the more popular SAW events at the meeting.  Here we provide a summary of the panel “The Legacy of the Chicago School: Doing Fieldwork in Occupational Settings.” The purpose of our panel was […]