LEEDS Special Book Prize to Randol Contraras’ The Stickup Kids

The Leeds Prize Committee and SUNTA Board is pleased to award the special book prize this year to Randol Contraras’ The Stickup Kids. The committee offers the board the following citation to document the appropriateness of awarding this prize. “Randol Contreras’ ethnography The Stickup Kids sets the tragically brutal lifecourse of his best friends from the south […]

SUNTA Leeds Prize

SUNTA is please to offer the nomination of Mun Young Cho for the 2014 LEEDS prize. The Society for Urban, National and Transnational Anthropology (SUNTA) is pleased to award the 2015 Anthony Leeds Prize to Mun Young Cho for her book The Specter of “The People”: Urban Poverty in Northeast China (Cornell University Press, 2013). Amidst China’s […]

Redirected Futures in Rural Manitoba

A Report from the Field This essay describes the establishment of a small Filipino community on the Canadian prairies. My PhD fieldsite is unassuming place; an unexpected destination; a thoroughfare for most. Yet, since 2009, it has become a site of permanent in-migration as a growing number of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) from the Philippines […]

Review of the film “Tokyo Waka”

Tokyo Waka is a lyrical documentary portraying Tokyo overrun by crows directed by John Haptas and Kristine Samuelson. In this rapidly changing metropolis, crows are observed through various lenses referencing culture, society and art. To review this film, I use Jacques Lévy’s “condition of serendipity” (“The City is Back [in Our Minds]” in Cities and Fascination. Beyond […]

Review of “The Human Scale: Bringing Cities to Life”

A film written and directed by Andreas M Dalsgard. 2012. 77 minutes. Producer, Signe Byrge Sørensen. Bullfrog Films. I think most anthropologists already agree with the main premises of this film: that the best way to design cities or buildings is to ask people what they want and observe what they do, that people are […]