SUNTA Update from Denver 2015

President’s Report This report summarizes the most important activities or changes for SUNTA in the last year as chronicled in more detail in the attached reports of the various SUNTA officials and committees. Overall, SUNTA continues to do well!! Thanks to everybody for their great work!! Membership Membership has been amazingly consistent since last year. […]

SUNTA Program at AAA 2015

Program chair Jayne Howell reports that SUNTA is incredibly visible and active at the Denver meetings. The business meeting will be held on Friday afternoon, and we are co-sponsoring the fabulous ABA-AFA-ALLA-AQA-SANA-SAW-SLACA-SUNTA Joint Sections Reception on Friday night.  The latter features DJ and anthropologist K’Ture. We also have the “Sense of the City Network” meeting […]

Part I: Artistic Hand Drawing As Scientific Research Method?

“You make use of philosophy to speak about the drawing— do you think that it could make sense/nonsense to make use of the drawing to say something about philosophy?” I ask.
 Jean-Luc Nancy replies: “But why?” Is it possible to research with drawing? Is it possible to document, to sketch in a form that will […]

Textile Society of America Symposium CFP

Crosscurrents: Land, Labor, and the Port Announcing the TSA 2016 Symposium focusing on national and transnational flows, eddys, riptides and crosscurrents….anthropologists looking at these issues with regard to textiles – broadly construed – are welcome! If you have questions, please contact Susan Falls (   15th Biennial Symposium Crosscurrents: Land, Labor, and the Port Savannah, […]