Tactical Kinship

Boots, Gloves, and the Intimacy of War Oksana describes the discomfort of the large heavy boots as if the feet that went into them were her own. Her care for her father, a man three decades her senior, is daughterly, and motherly, and yet also gruesome. Eighteen-year-old Oksana and her father are displaced people from […]

25th Annual SOYUZ Symposium: Migration, Nation, Postsocialist Left and Right

University of Chicago, March 11-13, 2016 Crisis inspires the re-examination of existing knowledge. For postsocialist studies, the influx of migrants and refugees into Europe, and its reverberations in sociopolitical spheres, has pushed researchers to take fresh looks at old questions: how are identities manifested and negotiated? What is ‘otherness,’ and how is it embedded, nested, and […]