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A massive natural disaster hit Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in May 2014.  Disastrous floods followed several days of torrential rains. …More

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Russian Phoenix

Anthropology and Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy theories are my constant companions.  As an anthropologist doing research in Eastern Europe, I have…More

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Ethnography of the Unexpected Maidan Nezlezhnosti (Independence Square), the epicenter of civil resistance and police violence in Kyiv, is located…More

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“Ukraine is Europe!” chant demonstrators who have gathered by the tens of thousands on Independence Square in Kyiv. Since November…More

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On August 30, Roger Waters, the British musician and member of legendary rock band Pink Floyd, performed for the first…More

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Postsocialist Life of State Socialism’s Secrets

“Save Hungary’s State Security Archives!” urged a petition forwarded to my email in late 2010.  Spearheaded by Canadian historian Christopher…More

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The National Archives of Zambia is full of documentary evidence of robust cooperation between Zambia and the Eastern Bloc countries

One of the goals of the Soyuz Postsocialist Studies Network is to expand the study of postsocialism beyond the geographic…More

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The author looking through family photo albums

One of the joys of fieldwork is that its every turn promises unexpected discoveries. Almost 15 years ago, I was…More

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During the spring break I open Facebook—Kristen Ghodsee posted a report on the fourth self-immolation case in Bulgaria. There will…More

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Exploring the Links Between Kazakh Proverbs and Kazakhstani Societal Movements

In our current globalized, wired and multi-lingual world there is a pressing need for understanding across cultures. With my research…More

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