Agents of Humor?

Students in Russia and Ukraine address global politics through local comedy Kostya, brow wrinkling, ended his call and told the team of rehearsing students, “Vova said he heard something about it, but nothing is for certain.” Newspapers had reported that Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko planned to ban vKontakte (Russian: “in contact”), Ukraine’s most popular social […]

Book Conversation with Mike McGovern

An Interview Regarding “A Socialist Peace?” Larisa Kurtovic interviews Mike McGovern about his new book, A Socialist Peace? Explaining the Absence of War in an African Country (2017, University of Chicago Press). To start, please tell us a little bit about this book, its central arguments, and the impetus for writing it. The book starts […]

Class Politics and Romania’s “White Revolution”

The color white embodied exclusionary middle-class aspirations to moral governance and virtuous citizenship. Romania’s “White Revolution” (January–­­February 2017), the most recent episode of East European color-branded uprisings, earned its nickname on the night of February 6, when a sea ­of smartphone flashlights lit up Bucharest’s Victoriei Square, the seat of the government. This performance, turned […]