Tackling the Elephant in the Room

A Guide to Teaching Race after Charlottesville The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville embodied the ongoing racist ideologies that have permeated the United States since its inception. As a biological anthropologist, I was simultaneously horrified and unsurprised by the events that unfolded. I reflected on what I, as an anthropologist, could do about it—now. […]


How to Teach about African Foragers One of my favorite courses to teach centers around a problematic category: hunter-gatherers. But the problematic nature is also one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching this course—it allows me to integrate scientific and critical perspectives in anthropology to train students to recognize myths about foragers and their […]

Privilege and the Kinship Chart

For our students, talking about kinship may be fraught with pain and discomfort [pquote]With an increasing number of refugees on my campus, I will possibly be asking more students each semester to create kinship charts representing families that may be scarred by geographical separation at best and genocide at worst.[/pquote]In the 2002 second edition of […]